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J-qb's News

Posted by J-qb - January 5th, 2012

2012 already eh? That means I've now been active for three years on NG, and last year was a good year again; some highlights:
+ I Participated in a couple of (1 2 3)game jams and I finished the game I started in the 2nd game jam in december 2010.
+ The outsider (game jam 5) placed 2nd, and got the daily feature, frontpage feature spot et cetera, that was a definite highlight for me! Thanks for that everyone!
+ The Self-portrait Collab I hosted/created turned out pretty great if I may say so myself, some great artists participated, so thanks to them!
+ Artwise 2011 was a pretty nice year.
+ I won the Artist versus Artist Art tournament
+ I got vote best art forum artist together with ornery

SO YEAH, looking back I'm pretty happy with that. In non ng-related news; I also started to study Philosophy while I finish my bachelor Business Studies, which is working out great, so I'm super psyched about that too!

My big project for 2012 is to draw more; to this end I have decided to do 300 drawings this year (which translates to roughly six a week; a drawing a day, sundays off)ER
Keep your tabs on my progress or request something I should draw OVER HERE.
Righto, think that wraps it up... Happy 2012 everyone.

2012/Daily Drawings/et cetera

Posted by J-qb - October 18th, 2011

The results of the Art AVAT (artist versus artist tournament) are just in and I won! YAY! 64 artists "participated" (not all of them actually ended up drawing something) and after 4 rounds I came out victorious!
All artists, especially those in the last round made 4 awesome drawings, so you should totally check them all out! So congrats to UnclePorkchop, Civilised-Apocalypse, Morthagg and Nekow on their awesome work and respective 2nd to 5th prize!
Thanks to SketchyEntertainment and TurkeyOnAStick for organizing, and off course a thanks to the judges for judging (and letting me win yeah!)

Any suggestions as to what to purchase with my 60$ store cred?

here's my four drawings:
round 1 theme: robot
round 2 theme: medieval
round 3 theme: Alien Invasion
round 4 theme: Dreams v

Officially the best artist on ng (not really)

Posted by J-qb - July 12th, 2011

I'm hosting a Self-Portrait Collab over at the art forum, if you're an artist check it out and join in. The rules are pretty lenient so if you don't want poeple to see your face I'm sure we can work out a way you can still join!

In unrelated news:
+ I made a game for the game jam together with bcdefg123 and Aigis and we finished second! So yeah thats cool.
+ I made this song today in celebration of the fucked up summer we're having here in the netherlands, so cha-check it out.

Self-Portrait Collab

Posted by J-qb - April 9th, 2011

Thats right! Tank-award winner Renaenae and Me are looking for a programmer and a musician to help us make a game for the upcoming Game Jam!

For those unfamiliar with the concept: In the Game Jams, teams of 4 or less poeple come together to make a game in just three days. This means anyone applying for the function of programmer/musician on our team will need to be available (close to) full-time on the 16th and 17th of april. If youre interested pm me or reply to this news post!

So yeah... DO IT!


Posted by J-qb - February 21st, 2011

Unfortunately we didnt manage to finish our game jam game in time, but here it is anyways:

Go play it, enjoy!

Also check out my entrie to the january movie jam
and this fun little collab I partook in

Game Jam (late entry)

Posted by J-qb - January 18th, 2011

I MADE A GAME! teehee!
go play it, it has medals and stuff (which will show up after it has passed judgement)

Benny's Adventure started as part of the winter game jam here on newgrounds. I was the artist on that team but unfortunately the programmer had some computer trouble in the last couple of hours before the deadline, which meant our submission didnt get finished. Having already made all the art for the game I figured I`d just do it myself.
That means I did art, programming and music... music and art wasnt too much of a problem, but the programming did get prettty annoying at times, luckily TurkeyOnAStick, Havegum and Cloudeater were available to help me out.


My Game "Benny's Adventure" is out +medals!

Posted by J-qb - December 21st, 2010

Thats-a-right! Almost seven months after the initial deadline, the monochrome collab has been released onto the flash portal! What`s more; we already won daily third prize, thanks for the support!
Be sure to fullview all pieces of art to find the animated eggs!

Heres just one of the ninety pieces of art in the collab. This one was made by Legolass using a mouse in MSPaint!

Monochrome Art Collab is OUT

Posted by J-qb - August 4th, 2010

Hey NG,
I have just started up a Create Your Own Adventure thread in the art forum; Create Your Own Noir Detective Story. This means that I will write a story, and draw pictures to go with it, based on your suggestions! Other than the MSPaint Adventures, which inspired this, the CYONDS will not be funny; I will aim more for character, story and visual style.
Pop by to read it or make a suggestion!

In other, unrelated news: The Monochrome Art Collab has been extended; Renaenae and I (well; mostly Nae) are working on getting the flash in order, and its look very slick already! Till we have it finished (and possibly a week or something after that) you can still submit your art to the collab. 5 pieces max per artist!

Below is a picture from the CYONDS

NG Create Your Own Noir Detective Story!

Posted by J-qb - April 3rd, 2010

Tomorrow; April 4th; will be the 42th anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
In dedication to the great man, who gave hope to many, Ive released a new song. It uses samples from his "I Have A Dream"-speech; Check it out.
Now Is The Time

This was quite a new genre for me; but I really like how it turned out. I am at the moment looking for MC`s to collab with, so give me a shout if your up for that.

Three months have gone by since my last newspost; but that doesnt mean I have been doing nothing.
I won the Art Forum Award for Most Improved Artist 2009
Im Coauthor of the Morgan FFF collab
; Check it out; there are some really good drawings in there.
I`ve been making art;
I`ve been making Music;

so; everything is going steady; keep an eye on my art and audio pages; as well as my showcase thread in the art forum.
Thanks for dropping bye.

Posted by J-qb - December 6th, 2009

That`s right, Its out!
The Tricolor Art Collab has found its way to completion and to the Flash Portal!

or visit the Art forum thread!

Tricolor Art Collab !OUT NOW!