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2012/Daily Drawings/et cetera

2012-01-05 07:15:10 by J-qb

2012 already eh? That means I've now been active for three years on NG, and last year was a good year again; some highlights:
+ I Participated in a couple of (1 2 3)game jams and I finished the game I started in the 2nd game jam in december 2010.
+ The outsider (game jam 5) placed 2nd, and got the daily feature, frontpage feature spot et cetera, that was a definite highlight for me! Thanks for that everyone!
+ The Self-portrait Collab I hosted/created turned out pretty great if I may say so myself, some great artists participated, so thanks to them!
+ Artwise 2011 was a pretty nice year.
+ I won the Artist versus Artist Art tournament
+ I got vote best art forum artist together with ornery

SO YEAH, looking back I'm pretty happy with that. In non ng-related news; I also started to study Philosophy while I finish my bachelor Business Studies, which is working out great, so I'm super psyched about that too!

My big project for 2012 is to draw more; to this end I have decided to do 300 drawings this year (which translates to roughly six a week; a drawing a day, sundays off)ER
Keep your tabs on my progress or request something I should draw OVER HERE.
Righto, think that wraps it up... Happy 2012 everyone.

2012/Daily Drawings/et cetera


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2012-01-05 13:17:25

Wel,great for you.
Your thread is going pretty well i think.
But why that message in the picture?


2012-01-05 15:31:14

I'm gonna punch you.
Right in the mouth.


2012-03-04 12:07:22

I'm going to mouth the right punch.


2012-03-18 07:49:37

I'm going to right you in the punch mouth.


2012-09-02 14:17:02

Guess you're too busy to update your daily drawings thread.

J-qb responds:

It's not updating the thread as much as it is drawing the pictures that is a problem. I'm drawing something atm though, don't know if it'll be in my daily drawings thread since I well past the point of credibility in that.


2012-10-01 18:54:55

Wise words..
I'd better come up with a plan for what to do, in case I get punched in the mouth..


2012-10-10 02:26:56

Wow you!! 300+ scouts.
That would have taken commitment.
You're almost up to Ornery.


2013-05-08 03:17:54

Happy User of the Day! :D


2015-04-25 12:36:27