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Damn boi

This has to be one of the better animations I've seen on here in a while. Great animation, good music. You seem to have a very solid grasp of volume and weight judging from the segments with the human body; looks really convincing.
Keep it up

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks! i really appreciate that cuz that was definitely one of the tricky things i focused on.

You can see from his facial expression that he is

thoroughly enjoying it. I dont quite like the music, dont think it fits, and would have liked it better if it was just the one guy standing still in the center of the canvas instead of sliding by, thats why i gave you only a 9

YAY its out!

A brilliant piece of true art. Lots of great entries (most of which I hadnt seen before) celebrating the core of what newgrounds is all about.

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kinda minimal..

I realize there is very little time in these game jams, but still I think this is a pretty minimal game, I think you could have added some features. The character is pretty hard to control; which makes it more luck- than skillbased. Good art though! and good job on finishing in time!

DreamEater responds:

Thank you so much J-qb; you are definitely right though, we would have liked to do more but our "time differences" between the team members really jacked things up.

Regardless, we had fun and really got to know each other; who knows, we may even produce something together in the future with more than a 3 or 4 day deadline :p

Thanks again for your kind words buddy, we all appreciate it!


Love the little sprite for the player, death scenes is very cute. The whole game gives a kind of otherworldly vibe, but the controls make this thing very hard to play. I just got stuck in level 3 until I found out the quickfall method. Then I got stuck in level 9. The fact that it's hard to control isn't really a big issue to me, but I would have liked a quicker reset option; in certain levels I spent more time pressing space and watching the death animation than actually moving.
Maybe it would have been better if you had introduced difficulty from more hazards and made the controls a bit easier.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Yeah. Adidaas is really talented. Made all the character sprites and tiles in paint.

About the character movement, I guess after playing the game for 3 days straight, you develop a tolerance for it...


Nice game, nice graphics, but very short.
I would have liked it if the "other" world was even trippier, fluctuating and stuff, maybe have more moving panels. Good game though!

Wallross responds:

Initially, all the eyeballs blinked and looked around. But this was really intensive, and had to be scrapped. It's unfortunate, but the game would be a lot worse without it.

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I think this is gonna be great. some suggestions:
+at 0:14 where the "strings" (in want of a better word) enter, maybe you could 8va bassa them? I think that might give it a bit more tension. See what works.
+elaborate on that same "string"-line a bit. Instead of just having the cords, at a tiny bit of appregiation, or melody to it (lol, appregiation appreciated)
+This one is more a matter of personal taste I think. But IMO it could use a nice intense deep snare drum (not too much snare). Some syncopic rhytms could add to the song i think.
+It could use more bass
+the hihat(or rather a mixed snare drum Im guessing?) could imo be toned down a bit
+the later melody (starts somewhere around 0:42) could be a bit louder.
+the last four measures of that same melody could be improved by not going down for each consecutive measure but going down on the second measure then up (a fifth?) in the third and down on the fourth.
lots of comments, just trying to help. If you need me to explain what I mean or want more specific suggestions, send me a pm

Sci-Fi responds:

thank you. thiswill be very helpful. yeah actually the song has no bass in it at all. and the last melody was a riff i was throwing together for some part,but i actually hate it, i'm going to take it out. well just for the hell of it, im going to makean orchestra piece to way against this one


interesting, but it is indeed a study. not really a complet composition.
It is a little bit too repeating for my taste. I have a great composition like this, but havent digitalised it yet, dont know whether to record it or put it in fruity loops.
I think this could have more power if you sometimes broke away from the regular pattern.
The afterbeat chord/bass notes should be just a wee bit later (still afterbeat, but a bit "lazy" so to say), and longer

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

If you don't like repetition, then you certainly wouldn't like Terry Riley's 'In C' or nearly anything by Steve Reich. Or to a lesser degree, John Adams.

This was all done with the piano roll in FL, and it sounds a little different when actually played on a real piano (which I originally wrote the piece for), and that allows the notes to draw out a bit more, which I can't quite do in Fruity Loops at this juncture.

I'll have to admit that I have a weird taste in that I can listen to something repeat or be drawn out for a verrry long time and not be dissatisfied. Thank you very much for the honest and forthright review.

Quite okay

This is quite a nice laid back tune, although it could have had a bit more punch as far as im concerned, especially in the horn parts and the organ. Nice Piano intermezzo, and great way to get back up to pace. It seems to have 19 seconds left at the end, (at about 3:00 it jumps back to the beginning.
All in all quite nice, although some instruments could be a bit more realistic sounding (wind/brass parts esp)

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This is brilliant, could be a bit more defined overall. Love the lil stache.

Madame-origami responds:

Oh hey! You're the bloke who scouts me! Nice to finally meet (well, not really since you probably won't see this message xp). Thank you very much!
And I agree- I rushed through this and left it a bit too watery. I might fix the flowers and a few details one day when I'm not working on another project.

This is hilarious; love the squirrel and the fish!


You've got some great depth in this drawing, but it doesn't really come across. I'd say the mountain in front of the dragon should be as defined as the dragon itself give it sharper outlines. I'd have probably put some of the dark you have below the dragon now behind him too, to set him apart from the mountains behind him.
You digitally colored the sky right? no big fan of that; I like the pencil shading on the mountain on the left, would have preferred that in the entire piece.

Ramatsu responds:

yeah i was meaning to outline the mountain in front of him with slightly thicker outlines but i ran out of time and had to get it scaned while my neighbor was still home. I was trying to make those mountains look "atmospheric perspective-e" didn't quite work out that those mountains were a bit further away.

not really digitally color but more of like smudging because the sky didnt look much of a sky when it was scanned you can see all the pencil scribbles in it, didnt look like that when it wasnt scanned but i wanted it to look more like a sky, sorry your not a fan.

The flow is towin precision as a afrotrim - All big letters but it isnt no acronym

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