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HarraH's Theme WIP HarraH's Theme WIP

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool tune

I love how it suddenly notches up at 0:14. but its a bit short in the sense that I would expect it to totally blast of at .28 but then it just ends... perhaps you could have it run through that last sequence again but without the melody (but with bass+chords+drums); repeat that but add some treble noise or some high legato strings; repeat+melody; repeat with just bass and melody and high strings.

SHMUP main theme take1 SHMUP main theme take1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think this is gonna be great. some suggestions:
+at 0:14 where the "strings" (in want of a better word) enter, maybe you could 8va bassa them? I think that might give it a bit more tension. See what works.
+elaborate on that same "string"-line a bit. Instead of just having the cords, at a tiny bit of appregiation, or melody to it (lol, appregiation appreciated)
+This one is more a matter of personal taste I think. But IMO it could use a nice intense deep snare drum (not too much snare). Some syncopic rhytms could add to the song i think.
+It could use more bass
+the hihat(or rather a mixed snare drum Im guessing?) could imo be toned down a bit
+the later melody (starts somewhere around 0:42) could be a bit louder.
+the last four measures of that same melody could be improved by not going down for each consecutive measure but going down on the second measure then up (a fifth?) in the third and down on the fourth.
lots of comments, just trying to help. If you need me to explain what I mean or want more specific suggestions, send me a pm

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Sci-Fi responds:

thank you. thiswill be very helpful. yeah actually the song has no bass in it at all. and the last melody was a riff i was throwing together for some part,but i actually hate it, i'm going to take it out. well just for the hell of it, im going to makean orchestra piece to way against this one

Piano Study No. 2 Piano Study No. 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


interesting, but it is indeed a study. not really a complet composition.
It is a little bit too repeating for my taste. I have a great composition like this, but havent digitalised it yet, dont know whether to record it or put it in fruity loops.
I think this could have more power if you sometimes broke away from the regular pattern.
The afterbeat chord/bass notes should be just a wee bit later (still afterbeat, but a bit "lazy" so to say), and longer

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

If you don't like repetition, then you certainly wouldn't like Terry Riley's 'In C' or nearly anything by Steve Reich. Or to a lesser degree, John Adams.

This was all done with the piano roll in FL, and it sounds a little different when actually played on a real piano (which I originally wrote the piece for), and that allows the notes to draw out a bit more, which I can't quite do in Fruity Loops at this juncture.

I'll have to admit that I have a weird taste in that I can listen to something repeat or be drawn out for a verrry long time and not be dissatisfied. Thank you very much for the honest and forthright review.

Bananas in the Evening Bananas in the Evening

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite okay

This is quite a nice laid back tune, although it could have had a bit more punch as far as im concerned, especially in the horn parts and the organ. Nice Piano intermezzo, and great way to get back up to pace. It seems to have 19 seconds left at the end, (at about 3:00 it jumps back to the beginning.
All in all quite nice, although some instruments could be a bit more realistic sounding (wind/brass parts esp)

LatinPiano? LatinPiano?

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Well the biggest problem I have with this is that you do not seem to know what you are doing.. Don't mean to be an A-hole, but some passages in it are just too "everything at once" for me. I think there are quite some nice ideas underneath all the noise, but it doesn't really come out.
Id suggest first making a simple melody, and building from that. Keep it up
Also, this is not latin.

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G-888 responds:

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